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Pricing Plans

All plans include a seven day, cancel anytime, FREE trial.
Free Trial
per month
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    5GB Storage
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    FoundryVTT with Unlimited Worlds
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    Weekly Backups
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    Email Support
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Free Trial
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    10GB Storage
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    Everything in the Basic tier!
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    FTP Access For File Management
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    Customer Support Discord
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    Nightly Backups
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Free Trial
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    20GB Storage
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    Everything in the Basic and Pro tier!
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    Second Server Slot For Testing
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    On Demand Backups
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What is included with our hosting plans?

Our aim is to provide the simplest hosting experience where we take care of the servers, networking, and running the Foundry Virtual Tabletop server software and let you have full control over your Foundry Virtual Tabletop experience. With a subscription you get a dedicated domain (e.g., your Foundry Virtual Tabletop running on your own private server, automated backups of all your game data, and access to our management webpage for simple administrative tasks. We do not provide a Foundry Virtual Tabletop license, you must supply your own. You can purchase one here.

What is a private host?

All of our customers’ Foundry Virtual Tabletops run on their own servers, completely isolated from all other customers. This keeps anyone else’s game from impacting yours.

Where are your servers located?

Currently we host all of our infrastructure in AWS's us-east-1 region, with plans to host globally in the future.

Is my server running all the time?

In order to provide competitive pricing with private hosts, we shut down your server after we see that is hasn’t been used in over an hour. When you are ready to play, starting your server usually takes about 2 minutes.

How can I let my players start my server if I’m not around?

On our management webpage, you can find a server startup “magic link”. You can provide this link to your players to start the server at anytime. Note: You will still need to provide your players with your Foundry administrator password if choose to set one.

What can I do with FTP access?

In the Pro and Elite tiers you will have FTP access to your Foundry Virtual Tabletop’s game data directory, this is useful for moving large amount of data to and from the server. This also provides an easy avenue for completely moving your existing games to and from our hosting at once.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time. If you choose to cancel you will have access to your game data for 31 days after cancelling, giving you ample time to migrate your game data from our service.

What kind of support do you offer?

Our basic plan offers support by email, with a typical response within a day. Our pro and elite plans offer access to our discord for chat support. We have also documentation and walkthroughs for common workflows.